DIY Kits

We are offering DIY Pavilion Kits for those who are looking for an affordable and easy project. Even if you have limited construction experience you too can build your own pavilion using our included step by step instruction videos and booklets, we even offer professional assistance if you run in to trouble. If you see something you like on our website chances are we can produce a DIY kit for it. Don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at and we can price out your custom DIY Kit today. We also offer a varied selection of pre-configured kits for you to choose from.


16’x16′ DIY Pavilion Kit———— $5400
14’x16′ DIY Pavilion Kit ———– $4900
14’x14′ DIY Pavilion Kit ———– $4600
12’x16′ DIY Pavilion Kit ———– $4400
12’x14′ DIY Pavilion Kit ————$4000
12’x12′ DIY Pavilion Kit ————$3500
Ask about our summer savings program to see about getting a discount on your DIY Kit TODAY!

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    We are based out of Cartersville, GA and we offer free shipping on all of out kits within a 30 mile radius, beyond that our shipping rate is $1.35 per mile.

    DIY kits

    Custom Kit


    DIY kits

    DIY Pavilion Manual


    DIY kits

    DIY Pavilion Kit 16' x 16'


    DIY kits

    DIY Pavilion Kit 14' x 16'


    DIY Pavilion Kits for Sale

    DIY Pavilion Kit 14' x 14'


    DIY kits

    DIY Pavilion Kit 12' x 16'


    DIY kits

    DIY Pavilion Kit 12'x14'


    DIY kits

    DIY Pavilion Kit 12'x12'