What is a Pergola With a Roof Called

What is a Pergola With a Roof Called

What do you call a pergola with a roof? Sounds like a punchline is about to be delivered. Some might say it’s a pavilion, but actually, given today’s technology, the answer is that it’s still a PERGOLA. While it’s true, the original attributes of a pergola were posts that supported an open framework of slats (as opposed to a solid roof, thereby making the term “pergola” synonymous with any open-air, flat roof structure), but today’s modern-day pergola with pivoting louvers translates to the roof being solid when fully closed and still be considered a pergola.

Original Pergola Design

As ancient inventions go, the pergola is one that saw few changes throughout the centuries. Traditional construction methods and materials—stone, brick, or wood—didn’t change and were not conducive to movement. Once erected, a pergola stayed in place, creating shade from the overhead slats at certain times of the day, until it crumbled or rotted.

It wasn’t until the 21st Century ushered in a change in construction materials—strong yet light-weight extruded aluminum—that new pergola innovations took hold. Not only could the slats be turned into pivoting louvers, but the louvers could be automated when connected to a motor. This totally changed the pergola scene.

Pergolas Get a Refresh

Pivoting louvers meant that a pergola being used for shade could be advantageous at any time of day and throughout the year. No longer did you need to move around under the pergola to try to find relief from the sun. Motorization also added the perk of being able to push a button to operate the louvers, whether that button was on a remote control devise or your smart phone.

These advances did create a new dilemma, however. When the louvers are closed and it rains, where does the water go? This is where further innovation from the leader in smart pergola design got creative. The folks at StruXure figured out a way for the louvers to interlock and create channels that would push standing water out to the edges of the pergola. The water could then be channeled into gutters concealed within the beams and further directed to downspouts hidden in the posts. Genius, right?! Now, rain or shine, the pergola looks chic yet has elevated functionality.

Turning a Modern-Day Pergola into a Smart Pergola

Now that we’ve explained why a pergola with a roof can still be a pergola, let us really blow your mind by introducing the smart pergola. Automated louvers, water channeling, and remote control devices all sound great, but what if an artificial intelligence (AI) interface could enable your pergola to activate those features on its own? Now it can! Based on Internet connections and a custom app developed by StruXure, the company has created a smart pergola that can activate lights, screen, fans, music, and, of course, louvers via AI applications.

Imagine you’re at the grocery store picking up provisions for that evening’s dinner party that you plan to host under your smart pergola. As you leave the store, you realize a rain storm rolled while you were shopping. With a standard louvered pergola, you would get a sinking feeling that your dinner party was ruined. But a smart pergola can be programmed to check weather apps, and automatically close the louvers when rain is in the forecast. You return home to a dry outdoor space and proceed with your preparations. The smart pergola can also activate lights, fans, or even music, to create the perfect setting for your guests.

There are so many ways that today’s smart pergola can elevate outdoor living.

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